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Eclipse2 BLPR2500
Battery Mgnt Services Standby Controller
Smart IP Power Amplifier
Operational DC Voltage 13.8VDC, nominal
Maximum Current, Continuous 75 Amp
Low Voltage Disconnect 11.5VDC
Low Voltage Re-Connect 12.5VDC
Maximum Charger Output Current 7 Amp
AC Input Voltage Range 100-130 or 200-260VAC
Max Inrush Current, Single Cycle 3 Amp
Input Frequency Range 47-63Hz
Typical Efficiency 80 PCT
Short Circuit Protection Foldback Limiting
Overload Protection (operates) Typical 105-150 PCT
Over Temperature Range 32-125°F (0- +50°C)
Storage Temperature 0-185°F (-20 - +85°C)
Size 1.75 in (one rack unit)
H x 19” W x 10” D
Weight 5 lb., Nominal
Due to ongoing development we reserve the right to alter specifications without notice.
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The Model BBU-75-12 series is a complete battery management system for installations which already have a primary power supply but are lacking battery backup. Smart Charging and battery protecting Low Voltage Disconnect
maintain and prevent battery failures caused by over-charging and excessively deep discharging. Dual Schottky diodes provides smooth transfer to battery power and auto-revert to AC mains power that is seamless and glitchless.

The Smart Charger is designed to auto-charge and maintain Gelled electrolyte (Gel-Cell) and liquid electrolyte lead-acid 12 volt batteries up to 800 Amp Hour. The charger is a constant current monitoring charger for the charging and maintenance of fixed location UPS, emergency lighting systems and telecommunications battery backup systems.

The charger is protected against over loading by deep discharge start circuitry with auto shut down due to over-voltage, over-temperature, short circuit and reverse polarity.

Switch mode circuit design provides high efficiency, compact size, cool operation and high reliability.
Dual color red/green LED provides a visual indicator to charger status.

The Model BBU-75-12 series incorporates an automatic Low Voltage Disconnect that monitors battery voltage and disconnects the load when the battery voltage drops below 11.5 VDC. The LVD has been adjusted and calibrated at the factory for correct voltage disconnect and re-connect. No adjustment is required.

The LVD is pre-set to disconnect the load at 11.5 VDC. However to prevent premature or false disconnect when the battery drops below the 11.5 VDC threshold a 2 minute timer is started. If the battery recovers to above 11.5 volts, the timer resets and waits. The battery can and will recover if the system is a repeater or remote base station or similar equipment that has a varying demand that fluctuates form low to high current. The 2 minute delay ensures the battery is not disconnected until necessary to prevent damage. After the AC main power is restored and the battery is recharging, the LVD will reconnect the load when the battery voltage exceeds 12.5 volts.