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Eclipse2 P25 Digital & Analog

P25 Digital + Analog Base Station/Repeater
Powerful & Proven Off the Shelf Performance

Broadband coverage, 256 channels

Get full VHF (150 - 174MHz) and UHF (400 - 520MHz) and 800 Mhz coverage along with plenty of channels, each identifiable by name, TX/RX, frequency, and profile.

No in-field tuning or aligning: IP Remote upgrade path
The TX and RX module is pre-tuned for the whole frequency
range, and level adjustment of the signal path is done via
software. Local or remote, optimize without having to physically go to the site.

Network Management
Manage control, monitor and alarm reporting remotely using
RFT-g and interface into the IT world using SNMP functionality.

P25/Analog Voting over IP

An industry first! No additional controllers required makes for easy configuration and no continual polling makes for low bandwidth.

Analog/digital auto sense
Migrate into digital as your agency’s capabilities and budget

Create your own signal maps
Get full VHF coverage (136 - 174MHz) without tuning or aligning

P25/Analog Networking over IP
Fully compliant with P25 Analogue and Digital fixed station
interface (AFSI and DFSI)
RF Technology Americas Inc
Eclipse2 Series, p25 digital, analog base station/repeater
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Eclipse2 Series