P25 Base Repeater
» Integrated Speaker and Microphone
» P25 Conventional Repeater via Software Defined Radio
» Continuous 25w Use with the Lid Closed
» Full Broadband Coverage, with 256 Programmable Channels
» No In-field Tuning or Aligning: IP Remote Upgrade
» Network Management via SNMP
» Base P25/Analog Voting over IP
» Analog/digital Auto Sense
» P25/Analog Networking over IP via DFSI Interface
» Integrated Compact Diplexer
» LiFePO4 15AH 13.8VDC Internal Battery (w/Protection and charging circuitry)
» 100-240V AC Input via Integrated AC Supply
» 10-40V DC Input
» Power Management Circuitry
» Optional WiFi and LTE/4G IP Interface
» IP65 Environmental rating with the lid closed
» Voice Status Indication
» Compact size: 510 x 350 x 175mm
» Light Weight: <13kg
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