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The RVR2000 Series Wall-mount / Desktop Remote Receiver is a compact self-contained receiver with built-in voting tone encoder and AC power supply. Like its rack-mounted counterpart (the RFC Series), the RVR2000 features rugged, field-proven modular construction, PC programming/metering facilities and alarms. All required parameters, including voter tone frequency and level, are externally programmable / adjustable (if used within a 5 MHz bandwidth from supplied frequency). The RVR2000 supports CTCSS and DCS formats (with optional board), and may be configured for special applications (please contact factory for details). The RVR2000 interfaces to a dedicated the wire-line circuit via a (supplied) “D” to modular cable. Optional internally mounted tone / DC remote control facilities are available.
• Self-contained compact unit; 315W X 323D (12.4” X 12.72”) footprint.
• Modular construction.
• Built-in 1950 / 2175 Hz externally selectable voting tone encoder.
• 2-Wire transformer isolated output (full complement of control and output lines
accessible at rear-mounted 25-pin “D” connector).
• Built-in 110V or 220V AC power supply with detachable cord (IEC-320 connector).
• Filed programmable via front panel mounted 9-pin “D” connector.
• Front panel mounted monitor speaker.
• Front panel mounted line and tone level controls.
• Desktop or wall-mountable.
Dispatch Console Paging Terminal
Trunking Controller Simulcast Paging Controller
Eclipse2 Smart IP Power Amplifier
Battery Mgnt Services Desktop Voting Repeaters
BLPR2500 Standby Controller
Frequency Bands Low/Mid VHF UHF Low UHF 800/900
Frequency 66-88MHz 136-156MHz 330-365MHz 400-430MHz 800-830MHz
    148-174MHz 350-380MHz 450-490MHz 850-870MHz
      375-400MHz 485-520MHz 896-930MHz
Channel Capacity 1 1 1 1
*Multi-channel Optional IBCD and line per channel programming via rear-mounted 25-pin “D” connector (up to 99 CH)
Channel Spacing/Progr. Steps 2.5kHz; 5kHz; 6.25kHz; 7.5kHz; 12.5kHz; 15kHz; 20kHz; 25kHz; 30kHz; 50kHz
Programming PC programmable via front panel mounted 9-pin “D” connector; requires programming kit
RF Port Rear-mounted “N” female connector, 50Ω
CTCSS Fully programmable, EIA (tone/channel if multi-channel option)
DCS Available as option
Voter Encoder Tone Rear panel selectable 1950/2175Hz, others internally programmable
Audio Response Selectable; flat/750µ Sec de-emphasis (+1 -3dB, 300-3000Hz)
Audio Interface 600-Ohm, 2-wire loop, +10dBm adjustable. Hi Z. through 25-pin “D” connector
Monitor Speaker Front panel mounted monitor speaker with volume control
Audio Distortion Less than 3% at 60% deviation and 750 µ Sec de-emphasis
Metering & Diagnostics Front panel test/programming connector for receiver status and alignment (requires PC)
Sensitivity (25kHz) .2µV for 12dB Sinad, or .28µV for 20dB quieting
Spurious & Image Rejection -90dB
Selectivity 80dB at 25kHz, 70dB at 12.5kHz
Intermodulation RS-204-C 80dB 80dB 80dB 80dB 80dB
Frequency Spread w/o Retune
(for 1dB degradation)
15MHz 20MHz 5MHz 10MHz 25MHz
Modulation Acceptance 7.5 and 3.75kHz (others optional)
Squelch Noise squelch adjustable from 6-26dB Sinad, carrier squelch adjustable from 1-200µV
COS Output Multi-functional opto-coupled
Frequency Stability (Standard) 5ppm
(2ppm opt)
(2ppm opt)
1ppm 1ppm 1ppm
Temperature Range -30 to +60°C -30 to +60°C -30 to +60°C -30 to +60°C -30 to +60°C
Power Supply 110V, 60Hz, or 220V 50Hz, 1.3A/.8A switching Power Supply with detachable AC cord. Providing 13.8V DC at 8 A (6.5A continuous)
Power Switch Front panel mounted AC On/Off switch
Indicators Front panel mounted LED indicators (Alarm, Carrier & Power)
Other Controls Monitor Switch
Serviceability Easily serviceable, fully modular construction
Dimensions 315mm (W) x 323mm (D) x 70mm (H) - less connectors, including feet (12.4” x 12.72” x 2.73”)
Net Weight 5.0kg typical (11 lbs)
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