Standby Controller
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Alarm Outputs From relay contact
RF Power Capacity VHF LO-HI 500+
UHF - 900 300+
RF Relay Capacity VHF LO-HI 500+
UHF - 900 300+
Operating Voltage 13.8VDC
Operating Temperature -30°C to +60°C
Size 1.75 in (one rack unit)
H x 18” W x 10” D
Weight 5 lb., Nominal
Due to ongoing development we reserve the right to alter specifications without notice.
Standby Controller
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The RF Technology SBS series is a compact self-contained standby controller that interfaces to RF Technology Americas Inc’s paging, linking and repeater products by means of simple plug-in connections (no complicated rewiring). The only external component is one RF sensor used for measuring the radio’s and antenna’s performance.

Unlike hot-standby units for dispatch systems, the RF Technology SBS series Standby controllers respond to alarm expediently in order to ensure that a very long batch of pages is not interrupted (with the SBS, only a portion of a single page may be corrupted during main transmitter failure).

Because the system needs to respond quickly, any interruption that may occur infrequently during key-up of the exciter, such as now and then a cumulative power surge, an occasionally sluggish CPU or antenna problem, may cause the unit to switch from main to standby. Though these are not causes for alarm, the system operator sees these as “failures”. In order to distinguish between such unimportant occurrences and potentially real problems, RF Technology offers an optional self-reset timer and event counter.

The alarm output can be programmed not to send an alert unless a number of events happen in a 12 hour period. If so programmed, the “main alarm” will not trigger a closure unless the unit has reset itself 3 times in a 12 hour period; the fourth time it will lock out the main transmitter and only allow operation on the standby transmitter. Should a catastrophic failure occur, the catastrophic alarm output will provide an immediate failure alert (output).
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