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RFT Paging Terminal
  • POCSAG 512, POCSAG 1200 and POCSAG 2400 bps support.
  • Message length up to 512 characters (configurable).
  • Macros allow qick pre-configured message text to be inserted such as recipient names, etc.
  • Quick page support (send pre-configured message with a single button click.
  • Group management & group paging support (with various baud rates & send protocols).
  • Messaging gateway (e-mail↔POCSAG↔LTE-SMS↔P25 short message).
  • POCSAG store and forward paging when using Eclipse 2 as paging receiver/transmitter.
  • Message confirmation when using Eclipse 2 as paging receiver/transmitter.
  • Multi-Zone area management (selectable paging transmitter zone for individual recipients).
  • TNPP (serial, or overIP), TAP (serial, or overIP), SNPP & SNMP protocol support.
  • Historic message log with filter (search), column sort & export to PDF.
  • Address book with import & export to .csv & PDF.
Simulcast paging
  • IP LAN connection to RFT's Eclipse-P simulcast paging transmitter.
  • Legacy simulcast TTL output for 3rd party paging transmitters.
Remote access via modern web-browser, or PABX
  • Accessed and configured remotely via a modern web browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, ...
  • Interactive Voice Remote (IVR for PABX) support.
  • Multi-Paging Controller site network with shared transmitter resources.
RFTGateway paging controller & Paging Terminal
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