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Trunking Controller & Dispatch Console

RFTGateway Controller & Dispatch Console
Fully P25 standards compliant, web-based Dispatch Console works with any modern web-browser. Up to 128 talk groups with dynamic grouping and up to 8 super groups are supported.

P25 ISSI site interconnectivity
Trunking and conventional sites interconnect via P25 ISSI protocol.

Remote access via modern web-browser
The RFT Dispatch Controller is accessed and configured remotely via a modern web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, …)

KMF & OTAR facillity with AES-256, or DES encryption support for the entire radio network. Secure calls per Talkgroup, or Individual.

Site Network Management
Manage control, monitor and configure trunking sites, DFSI base stations, trunking subscriber & conventional radios.
(Radio-Check, Remote radio monitor, Stun- & Revive, OTAR & AVL)

Location Services
P25 Tier-1 & Tier-2 Location Services & mapping support
Dynamically monitor multiple radio GPS locations live, with historical bread-crumb trail and geofencing support.

P25 Short Messaging & Paging Terminal
Send and receive P25 short messages, with the ability to act as a messaging gateway (POCSAG, e-mail, LTE-SMS).

Voice recording
Record all calls between dispatch console and radios, keep recordings for a configurable time (days, weeks, ...).

Call statistics
Call staticstics graphs (Calls-Talkgroup/Day, Airtime-Talkgroup/Day, Calls-Subscriber/Day, Airtime-Subscriber/Day, Subscriber call-load).
RFTGateway trunking controller & Dispatch Console
RFTConsole pdf