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  • Integrated Digital RFT controller supporting full control and monitoring the 16 sensors and alarms over LAN (SNMP v2c)
  • RF input sensors monitoring input – no key up with out RF Input.
  • Remote IP control using Ethernet (set or adjust your power remotely)
  • Quick key up response
  • Closed loop control ensuring set output constant (multi environment compensating i.e. component variance, power, temperature, component ageing etc
  • High RF shielding and isolation
  • Monitors antennae reflection and performance
    remotely over extended periods
  • 5 temperature sensors to monitor heat generation
  • Automatic shut down on triggered events (adjustable)
  • 50 Ohm output
  • Adjustable over entire frequency band without
    tuning (no sub bands)
  • 60 Watts or 120 to 130 Watts Output Power at VHF
    and UHF
  • 45 Watts or 80 Watts Output Power at 800 Mhz
  • Can operate in linear mode at reduced power
  • Choice of enclosure 4RU in sub rack or 2RU
  • Upcoming models to 250 watts and beyond
Voltage Input 12 Volts or 24 Volts DC or 48 volts (optional)
Max. DC current 10 Amps (70w) 19 Amps (120w)
Input / Output Power 2.0W-3.0W / 60W-120W
Duty Cycle 100%
Load Mismatch Tolerance Full Power at 100% reflection with circulator (Optional circulator)
Spurious & Harmonics Meets ACMA , FCC & IC
Input/Output Connector Type `N` Female (50 Ohms)
Cooling Method Fan Cooled
Operating Temp. Range -30oC to +60oC
Humidity 80% at +40oC (non-condensing)
Vertical Mounting 4 RU in RFT Subrack or 2 RU
Horizontal Mounting 4 units or 2 units in 2 RU
Depth 300mm
Weight 3-5kg
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